Mixtape: Hurt Everybody – Hurt Everybody EP


The “Do It Yourself” kings delivered BIG time with their debut project, the Hurt Everybody EP. Comprised of Supa Bwe, Carl, and Mulatto Beats- the trio have taken over the Chicago scene since the beginning of this year, and finally give their fans the highly-anticipated EP. At 12:00, July 4th, 2014; history was made with the help of featured guests Mick Jenkins, Alex Wiley, Saba, Khori4, Kembe X, XVRHLDY, and even NBA-player Iman Shumpert. The production, recording, and mixing was done in-house between the three, but producers Zen Zan and Smoko Ono chipped in to help on a couple tracks. The tape offers a good variety of what you could expect from the trio- with radio hits like “In Seoul” to revolutionary anthems like “Treat Me Caucasian”.  Give what could be the mixtape-of-the-year a thorough listen, then visit www.hurteverybody.com to download the free tape.

www.HurtEverybody.com @HurtEverybody #HurtEverybodyEP

@SupaBwe @LongLiveCarl @MulattoBeats

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Audio: Josh x Okeefe – “Ghost” (prod @TjayBeats)


Smooth beat, smooth bars, smooth smoke: those are the first words that came to mind as I listened to the new tune from Josh and Okeefe. Producer T-JayBeats lays down some mellow, jazzy production for the emcees to get ghost to. “Ghost” is the first single off their upcoming mixtape Summer Daze, so make sure to follow them and keep an eye out for the new new.

Artists: @JoshxOkeefe Producer: @TJayBeats

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Audio: Supa Bwe & Mick Jenkins – “Treat Me Caucasian” (Prod. Supa Bwe & Mulatto Beats)

         Today, Mass Appeal premiered our most favorite song to date from both Supa Bwe and Mick Jenkins – “Treat Me Caucasian”.  Supa Bwe & Mulatto both collaborated on the menacing beat, which fits the subject matter perfectly.
        In no way is this song bashing caucasian people, rather it’s asking all humans to treat each other with respect and equality. As we all know, this world isn’t perfect, so why pretend that it is? While shedding light on the matter, Supa Bwe & Mick Jenkins also show off their lyricism and aggressive flows. Both parties involved on this track have upcoming projects due this summer, so stay tuned people!

 July 4th is the date of the album release & party, while July 17th is their headliner!

 @SupaBwe @MickalasCage @MulattoBeats #HURTEVERYBODYEP

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Windchill: A Chicago Instrumental Experience

First of all, we would like to wish a wonderful birthday to Ben The Librarian; or maybe we should call him by his new moniker- “Windchill Ben”. If you don’t know who Ben is, he is a Librarian (of course), he writes for MishkaNYC, and he also contributes to a London-based magazine, ViperMag. His mission is to document the Chicago music movement that is among us; so for his newest project, Ben chose to compile a 18-track instrumental tape from the hottest producers in Chicago. Windchill is what he dubbed it, and contributors include Odd Couple, Saba, Tree, Hippie Dream, THEMpeople, BoatHouse, Smoko Ono, DocDaMindBender; the list goes on.  One of my favorite tracks on the tape has to be The Omy’s cut “Dust/Sly” (I probably played it like 10 times already). This tape is really good, and would inspire any rapper or producer in the city. Shieeet, this even makes me want to get in the booth and spit some bars right now! Play the sounds above and if you like what you hear, hit the link below for the download.


Brought to you by @NeonPajamas (Ben) | Free download at Mishka Records

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Audio: Hurt Everybody – “Pot Goddess 2 / Yellow 2″ (prod @HurtEverybody)

Pot Goddess 2 / Yellow 2

The Pot Goddess series continues, this time fusing with the rare “Yellow” song Supa Bwe dropped almost half a year ago. “Pot Goddess 2 / Yellow 2“ was produced and rapped on (magnificently) by both Supa Bwe and Carl.
       The song also comes with a important announcement. July 4th will be the official release date for their self-titled EP, Hurt Everybody. Album artwork, tracklisting, and music videos are scheduled to appear in the following weeks. It’s looking like that time… To hurt everyone.
@HurtEverybody (@SupaBwe @LongLiveCarl @MulattoBeats)
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